WIRED2012 Feedback:

“Incredible array of speakers, ideas and publications. It is a great experience for someone coming from government to be exposed to so many speakers and concepts over such a short space of time. It’s been thrilling and I can’t wait for next year.”
Rohan Silva, senior policy advisor to David Cameron (Delegate)


“I thought the WIRED2012 conference was excellent. I loved the combination of inspiring content as well as actionable content. I have also met some very senior, interesting people, which led to business opportunities and collaboration. The content, the people, were those I could not get elsewhere. I only go to two conferences a year and WIRED is a must for me. I would highly recommend my friends in the industry to attend.”
Yonca Brunini, Marketing Director, Google (Delegate)


“A word I kept hearing to describe the event was ‘POSITIVE’. It was a well-structured haven of inspiration, positivity and triumph. Well worth checking out of the office for.”
Jaiye Elias, Development Manager, EMEA, Stylus (Media Partner)


“Two days of inspiration would make WIRED2012 a worthwhile investment of anyone’s time.”
Mark Read, CEO, WPP Digital (Delegate)

“All I can say is that WIRED2012 inspires people to swim out of the swamp of sameness. I left inspired wanting and needing to do more for myself and the world.”
Rana Hamarneh, Managing Director, AdPro Communications (Delegate)


“I really enjoyed the event. WIRED2012 delivered as promised… an eclectic pool of inspiration, insights and interesting stories. A first-class line up of talent. I’m already looking forward to next year.”
Simon Stokes, Director, EA (Delegate)


“WIRED2012 was inspired, fearless and moreish. A churning ideas catalyst. A confluence of worlds, not a conference of people.”
Ed Gunn, Senior Associate, WPSChallenger LLP (Delegate)


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