WIRED magazine hit UK newsstands in April 2009 and was acclaimed as a breath of fresh air. Whether in print, on tablet, or online, WIRED is unique and thought provoking in exploring the ideas, innovations and people reshaping the world.

In 2011, WIRED ventured into new territory with WIRED2011, a two-day event designed to spread, first hand, the ideas covered by WIRED’s editorial teams. The event produced a unique environment in which roboticists rubbed shoulders with advertising gurus, founders swapped experiences with architects, and artists traded ideas with economists.

A year later WIRED2012 followed. Within hours, a theme had emerged: throw away the rulebook. WIRED had brought together some of the world’s most disruptive minds, a group of people dedicated to blazing new trails and inspiring others to do so.

WIRED Consulting was launched in 2012, picking up that very mantle. It’s an exciting venture, bringing WIRED’s insight and connections directly to businesses, through bespoke workshops, trend presentations, events and classes.

One-day events, such as WIRED Money, are a natural progression. They offer a forum to focus on specific subjects and bring together people and business willing to throw out old ideas and start afresh.

The summit is relevant to anyone with a healthy interest in disrupting the status quo, but also aims to connect financiers with those seeking funding. It will educate and enlighten individuals and businesses hungry to learn about the direction the industry is taking. WIRED Money is designed to explain the shifting sands of modern finance at all levels and, in doing so, help those looking to navigate the complex world of the new “normal”.

The event will offer answers to those hoping to break into – or even create – new markets. And will bring incumbent businesses the tools with which to disrupt entrenched behaviour ensure the sustainability of their models.