1 July
Please note, this schedule is subject to change


8:15-8:55: Registration

9:05-9:10: Welcome from Wired
Rupert Turnbull, publisher, Wired
David Rowan, editor, Wired

9:15-11:10: Money online: The democratization of finance and investment
John Collison, Stripe
Jacob de Geer, iZettle
Jeff Lynn, Seedrs
Giles Andrews, Zopa
Ed Wray, Funding Circle and LMAX
Alastair Lukies, Monitise

11:10-11:45: Break: Cisco Networking Room

11:50-13:25: A brave new world: How money 2.0 is borderless, data-driven and disruptive
Peter Vessenes, CoinLab
Taavet Hinrikus, TransferWise
John Lunn, PayPal
Tom Blomfield, GoCardless
Errol Damelin, Wonga

13:25-14:25: Lunch: Cisco Networking Room


14:30-15:30: The human element: How your behaviour affects your worth
Rachel Botsman, Collaborative Lab
Yoni Assia, eToro
Anne Pascual, IDEO

15:35-16:10: Stimulating innovation: Boosting growth through regulation
John Fingleton, formerly of the Office of Fair Trading
Sean Park, Anthemis

16:10-16:50: Break: Cisco Networking Room

16:55-17:25: Hackers and malware: Minimising risk in an era of disruption
Meline Von Brentano, Palantir
Alastair Paterson, Digital Shadows

17:30-18:30: How to… Use data to identify threats and spot opportunities
Douglas Merrill, ZestFinance
Paul Hawtin, Derwent Capital Markets
Kevin Slavin, MIT Media Lab

18:35-18:45: Pitch Room winner announcement

18:45-18:50: Final word with David Rowan

18:50-close: Reception

Throughout the day on the Startup Pitch stage. 

11:50-13:25: Session One
14:30-16:10: Session Two
16:55-18:05: Session Three

First speakers at the Startup Pitch Room include:

Darren OddieAGILEci
Stephen PironBright*Sun
Yoni Assia, Twitorro by eToro
Stan StalnakerHub Culture and Ven Currency
Matteo RizziInnotribe
Christoph RiecheIWOCA
Philippe GelisKantox
Lisa HalpernKiboo®
Leslie OnyesohKwanji
Dominic KeenMoPowered
Simon RedfernOpen Bank Project
Michael LavenThe Currency Cloud
Rupert RobsonTorch Partners